Sonoma Proud

During the fires in Sonoma County that devasted the community. Sonoma Web Design Group thought to give back to our community by creating a website that allowed others to list businesses that helped during the fire. We also provided a feature for people to list go-fund-me accounts. With countless hours, we felt that we needed to find a way to give back to our community of Sonoma.

Nonetheless, we have the site still up to serve as a remembrance for all of the people who served and to honor and respect those who lost their homes.

The features:¬†To sum up the features we created what we like to call a directory website. Why is this important? In the world of SEO, the more links you have going back to your website the more of a boost google will give you. In addition, we linked to businesses google and Facebook pages so that people can leave a review because studies show reviews actually improve businesses drastically.¬† We’re proud to support our local community and small business.