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Top 5 WordPress Tips For 2017

Hey guys! Giovani Camara here…co-founder of SWDG. So I’ve just began my professional WordPress journey. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I’ve been making wordpress websites for the past two years now and I’ve gotten to the point where it’s become muscle memory. I’ve mastered HTML/CSS and I have a hardcore understanding on what a nice design looks like. But just recently, I’ve been taking my projects more seriously. I have raised my standards. So, with that being said, here are my top 5 wordpress tips that will get you from zero — to hero in wordpress:

1) Browser Caching

  • Try Installing plugins like “w3-total cache” or “wp-supercache.” Why is this important? Well, Caching improves and speeds up your website. It’s great because it essentially stores parts of the website in the users browser. Caching Works By displaying an HTML version rather than loading a lot of PHP, javascript & large image files that can be a slow process.

2) Install Cloud flare

  • Cloud flare adds additional speed to your website… and speed is good! It will help us prevent bounce rates in your site and help users load the site faster. In addition, it provides us with protection against hackers and spammers. Did I mention that they have a free tier?
  • It also helps with traffic surges & spikes! So if your website for some reason goes viral, it will detect that you are suddenly getting a lot of visitors and help support that spike.

3) Compress Your Images

  • If you are like me, you are a complete image junkie. I find myself spacing off on websites like unsplash and other websites that provide free high quality images. It is great that they provide us with beautiful free photos. However, they do so by providing a ginormous 10mb large files… That is a huge file! I recommend staying at approximately less than 200kb for each photos. So compressing images is a must.
  • I learned this lesson the hard way. I had huge images on my site and every time I would load my site on my phone, it would crash and reload! tragic times 🙁

4) SEO Is King

  • SEO is so crucial in todays web experience since everybody has a website now-a-days. It’s important to make sure your website comes up before everyone elses. I have dealt with many seo plugins but my favorite so far has been YOAST SEO.
  • However, if the wordpress theme you are using doesn’t use yoast, you can still use this fancy tool made by the yoast team. It’s a real-time content analysis tool letting you know if you are doing a good job.

5) Design Helps You Standout

  • Most people don’t go shopping and by the product with the worst design. If you are like me, I only buy things that are polished and professional. Why should someone invest the time of day to look at a website, when you have a design that’s looks bad? Well, you need to be ready to have a beautiful looking website. If you ever need help, feel free to get some inspiration from other beautiful sites and copy the color palette and font combinations they use. CS is an open source community after all. We gotta help each other…(hint hint) the “inspect-element” tool is your friend, not a foe.
  • Has the best websites & I get a lot of my color palettes from this site.

Visit my website for more information on wordpress tips!

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