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Ivan B is a 21 year old rapper looking to become a famous rapper out of the bay area. With a fanbase of young teens, he wanted to make a website that would capture the small attention spans of his fans. For this website, he had three requirements:

1. Uploading Songs

2. Responsive Design

3. Social Networking


We created a modern website that wasn’t the typical cookie-cutter websites. We noticed his fans were very into unique designs.


As a result, our initial steps was to prototype a mock-up of the website and approach with a unique mobile website design.

3. Experience

In order to provide the best User-Experience, we made the website very easy to navigate and listen to Ivan B’s music.


Project Details

Client: Ivan B Music

Date: April 10, 2014

Online: ivanbmusic.com

Ivan B is a Musician based out of San Francisco, CA. With songs that have over a million youtube views, he is definetly on the rise. Ivan came to SWDG in need of a website that was modern & captured his persona. Ivan wanted a website that focuses on Mobile Design & allowed his fans to listen to his music on soundcloud.
Why did we do better than our competitors? Well its simple, We are passionate about web design. We firmly believe that our design can help change and make an impact in a persons life. Everyone needs a website and in this case, Ivan's website was his online image. His online BRAND

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