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Michael Davido from Petaluma came to SWDG in need of a website that would provide his small business a proper web presence. For Michael, the “every-day small business owner,” we provided a beautiful and simple to use website. In addition, we provided a brief consultation allowing us to improve his business and set up his yelp, google, and social media pages.

Nick Cann is a personal trainer born and raised in Santa Rosa, CA. Nick currently works as a personal trainer in and out of his gym. As a personal trainer and former marine, he was looking to gather more clients and share expertise and passion for fitness.

Mario Morquecho is a freelancer based out of Novato, CA. Morquecho is a professional photographer and he needed an elegant website to demonstrate his photography skills. For Morquecho, he needed a gorgeous website that heavily focuses on his photography. Click View Online To Read More.

Ivan B is a Musician based out of San Francisco, CA. With songs that have over a million youtube views, he is definetly on the rise. Ivan came to SWDG in need of a website that was modern & captured his persona. Ivan wanted a website that focuses on Mobile Design & allowed his fans to listen to his music on soundcloud.