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Here at Sonoma Web Design Group we say it can be done, we crush deadlines, and have fun. We love our work process and it has been tailored to suit our needs.

Here at SWDG we offer Adaptable & User Focused web design. We have gathered our skilled process from years of experience and hard work

We start our projects by helping you define the purpose of the work, the story you want to tell, challenges, roles, collaboration and opportunities.

Knowing our clients wants and their users needs allows us to merge the pathways into a singular, successful plan of action. We utilize on-site and off-site tools on that allow us to better understand how your users perceive your brand and interact with your platform.

Reflecting on the previous stages we begin the process of writing your brands story. Throughout the process we present, explain and adapt the project until we’ve met all objectives. Then we combine visual design and code to bring this message to your audience.

Our QA process involves all members of the project. Client, project manager, designer and developer all work towards ensuring the product is sound for launch.

If you have a in-house technical team, we’ll work with them on deploying your project. Otherwise, we handle the set up and migration to your production environment.

We recognize room for growth and improvement is inevitable. We can help you to monitor, grow, evolve and improve your platform post-launch.